Nordic Fest Sporting Events

Nordic Fest Sporting Events
The Norse Gods have set forth the Ultimate Norseman Competition to test the skills of the true Nordic Fest competitor.

Athletics play an important role in the Scandinavian cultures. Strength, stamina and a strong stomach are all traits of the gods.

Festers who participate in the three Saturday events of the Elvelopet  run, Rock Throw, and the famed Lutefisk eating contest will have their results combined to face off with other Ultimate Norseman! 

New for this year competitors may run either the 5k or 15k Elvelopet to be eligible. Once again, the winners of both male and female divisions will be awarded will a custom Grizzly cooler.

No pre-registration is required for the rock throw (Saturday 1:00pm) or lutefisk eating contest (Saturday 3:00pm). Simply sign up onsite for each event that day.

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Elvel°pet Results

Elvel°pet Results

Elvel°pet 5K run/walk or 15K Run

Elvel°pet 5K run/walk or 15K Run Join in the Elvel°pet, Nordic Fest's 5k and 15k race that draws more than 800 participants each year! Decorah's Annual "River Run" race course highlights the natural beauty that northeast Iowa has to offer. Official themed Elvel°pet Race Shirts are provided to all paid participants!

The race begins on Saturday July 29th at 7:30 a.m. in front of Decorah's City Hall. Hydration offered along the route and fruit and drink available at the finish line. Don't forget to ask for a print-out of your results!

Registrations can be dropped off at 507 W. Water Street until noon on Friday, July 28th. Early registration cost through July 14th is $30 for the 5K or $40 for the 15K. Youth 13 and under are $25 for either event.After July 14th, fees increase to $40 for the 5K, $50 for the 15K, and $35 foryouth 13 and under. Final registrations will be accepted at City Hall from 6-8p.m. on Friday or 6-7am the day of the race.

5k Race Route

15k Race Route


Floorball Floorball is a fast-paced sport officially played withfive field players and a goalkeeper on each side. It has similarities with bothfield and ice hockey, but also with basketball. It is played with a carboncomposite stick with a plastic blade and a plastic hollow ball, with holes.Floorball is a versatile sport, where a lot of action and changing situationsoccur in a split of a second. It has a low entry level, since it can be playedin any size sports venue, you just need to alter the number of players toaccommodate the available space. It is the true sport of today, being played inover 75 countries worldwide and it is quickly becoming the sport of tomorrow.

Demonstrations Friday and Saturday afternoon!

Kanol°pet Canoe Race

Kanol°pet Canoe Race The traditions of the Kanol°pet Cane Race returns on Friday, July 28th! This perennial favorite will begin at Off the Driftless, 212 Pulpit Rock Road and will end at Twin Bridges next to Palisades Park. Nordic Fest would like to thank Luke and Sue Cote for starting the event so many years ago and for Hutchinson Family Farm Campground for taking it over to keep the tradition alive!

 It takes just two people for a canoe and one for a kayak to to race down the river in pursuit of the coveted "paddle"! Bring out your inner Viking for a fun and exciting race on the Upper Iowa River!

Nordic Fest Rock Throw

Nordic Fest Rock Throw For a sport that dates back to the Viking ages, try the annual Nordic Fest rock throw, where participants can compete in various age, size and weight categories. Begins Saturday at 1:00 pm near the Decorah Middle School.



Molkky is a Finnish yard game that involves throwing a wooden baton at pins to accumulate points. The rules of the game are simple and anyone of any ability or age can play. Finland has a large Molkky following with many clubs and tournaments,along with the world championships.Demonstrations will start at 3:00 pm Friday and tournament at 4:00 pm Friday. Tournament is open to anyone from ages 8 to 80. This tournament is FREE and limited to 48 2-personteams. This tournament will have preliminary round robin followed by elimination brackets and located on the school grounds........event page can be found on event tab under

Vintage Baseball

Vintage Baseball Come watch the Driftless Dodgers put on an exhibition of vintage baseball Saturday at 2:00 p.m. on the High School baseball field. The game is a blast from the past, featuring teams playing by the rules of 1860 and wearing uniforms from the time period.

Kubb Tournament

Kubb Tournament The Nordic Fest Kubb Tournament is back and set for Saturday, July 29. Back by popular demand, Kubb is a fun lawn game where the object is to knock over wooden blocks, known as kubbs, by throwing wooden batons at them. Kubbs are placed at both ends of the pitch with a King piece in the center. Demonstrations will be held on the Middle School field on Saturday following the parade with a tournament beginning at 1:30 p.m.